Otto Künnecke

develops customised data-supported machine solutions for applications in which individual and personalised products with high security requirements need to be prepared, processed and packed.  Our core business focuses on security documents such as ID cards, passports and credit cards.

The specialist Know How gained from working within these security regulations can also serve customers from other markets well, whose products and workflows follow the highest standards.  Personalisation, verification, storage and order picking with respect to small batches and 100% Track and Trace are the fundamentals of these machine systems - completely in keeping with Industry 4.0

Public Finance

Public Financial

Manufacturing, personalization, verification and packaging in a secure environment
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PIN sector


Modular and secure solutions for the dispatch of PINs

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passports and PINs

ID sector

Verification & packaging
passports and PINs

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Verification, packaging and dispatch of GSM- and phone cards

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Loyality CardsLoyalty

Personalization, packaging and dispatch of Loyalty Cards

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Loyality KartenPublic Transport

Personalization, packaging and dispatch of public transport cards
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